Westcliffe, Colorado Time-Lapse

Westcliffe, Colorado is located about an hour and a half southwest of Colorado Springs in the Wet Mountain Valley. Surrounded on each side by the Sangre de Cristo mountain range to the west and the Wet Mountains to the east, this small community has a beautiful backdrop and plenty of sights to see.

Custer County

Custer county Colorado is located in the southeast corner of the state, about an hour and a half southwest of Colorado Springs.

We started capturing time-lapse footage of the Custer county area a few years back and have steadily grown our collection. This year we pushed to capture some of the last things on our list to finish a short movie. In the end we spent over a hundred hours capturing and editing these time-lapse clips into what you can find below. We didn’t get every shot we wanted, and there will certainly be more we will capture in the future, but it shows off just a small bit of the offerings of this wonderful area of the state.


Capturing footage south of Westcliffe back in May, 2013.

This video is our first time-lapse to be mastered and released in 4K UHD. This may not mean much to anyone right now but soon most televisions and monitors you buy will be in this resolution which provides four times the detail of current 1080P standards. The entire visual experience looks even better in this format, but don’t worry, this video looks good at almost any resolution.


Our not so light setup at the top of Music Pass in July, 2013.

Those that are curious about some of the locations of these clips can see a breakdown below if they would like to research each spot more.

0:05 – The west end of Westcliffe pointed toward the Sangre’s
0:11 – Private property in the Cuerno Verde development south of Westcliffe
0:17 – The valley floor, near the SilverWest Airport
0:22 – Looking down Main Street Westcliffe
0:28 – The valley floor, looking southwest
0:38 – Hermit Lake
0:43 – Another valley floor shot near SilverWest Airport
0:49 – The valley floor looking northeast
0:55 – Private property in the Eastcliffe development
1:00 – The valley floor looking northwest
1:05 – Private property in the Cuerno Verde development
1:10 – Looking southwest from south of Westcliffe
1:16 – Looking northwest at the SilverWest Airport
1:26 – The valley floor looking south
1:35 – Lake DeWeese
1:42 – Music Pass
1:46 – Another shot of Music Pass
1:55 – Looking North from a few miles east of Silvercliffe
1:57 – Crestone Needle
2:08 – South Colony Lake in front of the Crestone Needle
2:13 – South Colony Lake outflow stream in front of Crestone Needle
2:19 – Valley floor again
2:30 – Sunset looking west directly at the Sangres

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the movie. Also thanks to all of the great people in Custer county Colorado for keeping this place beautiful.

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