Our time-lapse footage in Kanye West’s music video

We discovered something shocking yesterday. One of our time-lapse video clips is in the latest Kanye West music video! Needless to say, we have mixed emotions. The time-lapse, shown in the upper left in the video below, is of Dallas Divide in Colorado. This was purchased through one of the stock sites we sell through, as far as we can tell. The video clip it appears in is in the lower right.

Here is the link to the side by side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS8lglgz6HM.

How did we find out about this you might ask? I kept seeing the Bound 3 parody by Seth Rogan and James Franco popping up in my twitter feed so I gave in and had a look. After laughing so hard because it was so hilariously bad, I had to see what the original (fairly inappropriate, don’t watch unless you really want to, not a fan of the song at all…) looked like. I was shocked, in multiple ways, but one of them was because our time-lapse clip shows up twice! Once at 1:14-1:17 and then blurred quite a bit at 1:34-1:40.

Clip 1:14-1:17
Kim Kardashian’s face comes in from the right. Upper left portion of the video masked out so they could use different clouds and have the sun in the upper left. Clouds on the right are still ours and some left above the mountains on the left. They also panned the clip from right to left, blurred a little, and brightened it up.

Clip 1:34-1:40
Appears to be zoomed in and blurred even more, but they kept our clouds.


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