2013 Time-Lapse Montage

After months of editing, our 2013 time-lapse montage is finally complete. This year we again captured southern Colorado spanning from Ridgway to Westcliffe. Our summer trip offered much more hiking options and greener surroundings to contrast last year’s fall colors.

Using more cameras and time-lapse equipment from Dynamic Perception we were able to add some diversity to the shots this year, giving us the chance to have more unique shots. While it would have been nice to include some night shots this year, weather prevented this from happening. We are already planning next year’s trips and planning shots with our new eMotimo TB3 so we should have even more elaborate shots to show.

Putting a montage together is quite a large task to get perfected. For me it starts with listening to various music tracks and mentally story-boarding a setup that has potential. Finding a song that has a tempo matching your visual content is really time consuming. Once I have a few musical options I can begin to play with timing and transitions into a rough version. Sometimes I’ll begin building a project and find out the tempo transitions only allow for a few seconds per scene and artificially speed up the video. Trial and error is a large part of the process. The past two years I have built multiple versions with different song selections to see which best overall captures the feel I’m looking for. I edited this year’s project in Adobe After Effects off and on for a little over a month to get things as close to what I wanted as possible. That is of course on top of photo editing done by Stephanie. Below you can see the video on YouTube. Obviously HD is a must. You can also check it out on Vimeo as well.

We will be making many of the shots in the video available for purchase for stock video usage soon.

And lastly for the statisticians out there, some raw numbers to crunch on. Looks like hard drive space will be an issue soon.


Images Complete Project
Files/Pictures 9517 23116
Size (GB) 59.8 205.7

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