Unidentified Animal

We just came back from a great trip out to Colorado and saw an animal we have never seen before! Jess spotted it on our way back from Wheeler Geologic Area (northwest of South Fork) along the trail. It was sitting on a large boulder among a huge boulder field. There were smaller ones (babies perhaps?) that were jumping on the rocks around it and hopping up to it. When it started walking off, it had a cat-like walk and its tail was moving all around so it looked more like a floppy cat walk. Closest thing I can think of is wolverine…which would be awesome, but this animal has a lighter coat so I’m not sure. Thoughts!?

Update July 24th 2013: A biologist with Colorado State Parks and Wildlife has identified this animal as a yellow bellied marmot. That must be the queen marmot because the ones that were running around it looked like normal sized marmots haha! It was huge!!


Wheeler Geologic Area 4×4 Trail

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