Des Moines: Changing Light

Des Moines: Changing Light showcases the heart of downtown Des Moines with some of the most iconic scenes we’ve all come to love and some new angles many have not seen. We’ve spent many early mornings and late nights capturing footage in the changing light around the golden hours of the day. Capturing time-lapse in […]


Burstall Pass Hiking Trail in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Distance: 9.8 miles round trip. Elevation change: 6,220 ft to 7,685 ft Time to Burstall Pass with stops: 2 hours 57 minutes Total hike with stops: 6 hours 15 minutes The trail to Burstall Pass begins at a parking lot next to Mud Lake in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park along the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail. We drove […]